What is wrong with my hand?

A wide variety of conditions can affect the hand and wrist causing pain, deformity, numbness and loss of function. If you are concerned it is always best to have this assessed professionally as it is not always straightforward to make a diagnosis. Information about some of the more common conditions and treatments can be found in the menus above.​

This page is under constant development - if there is something specific you would like added, drop us a line.


Will I have to have surgery?

Many conditions can be treated without surgery, but if an operation is recommended knowing what to expect can help reduce your anxiety. 


What happens after?

The right rehabilitation programme is an essential part of getting the best result from your treatment. This can vary from a simple home exercise routine to more complex schedules under the close supervision of a specialist hand therapist.

It is important not to under or overdo your rehabilitation and a tailored programme will be prescribed for you.