Wrist arthritis

Arthritis affecting the wrist can be the result of inflammatory conditions, previous injury or crystals being deposited in the joint. Regardless of the cause the end result is destruction of the smooth bearing surfaces of the joints that make up the wrist causing pain, stiffness, deformity and loss of function.

In the early stages either custom made or off the shelf splints can help relieve the symptoms and steroids injections can be used to buy time and delay surgery.

The wrist is a made up of a complex of several joints which are involved in allowing you to move your hand up and down and side to side.  The movement which allows you to turn your hand palm up or palm down comes from the forearm joint known as the DRUJ.

Because the wrist is made up of several smaller joints, in the early stages of arthritis it is sometimes possible to perform smaller operations to help with the pain. Your surgeon will let you know if any of these are suitable for you. In the end stage of wrist arthritis the wrist can be treated with a fusion, joint replacement or sometimes a denervation.